Friends don't let friends not wear sleeves (2007).
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Star Trek Rap
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Agents of Cracked
Genius Camp 2009

People often ask us how we come up with sketch ideas. The answer is simple, although the process is not. It involves a series of wooden cups, each of a precise and different diameter, filled with volumes of water determined by the phases of the moon. Jupiter's moon. Also we're drunk a lot of the time, so that could be completely untrue.

I guess what I'm saying is, ideas are a fragile and fleeting mystery. For example, should our next sketch be about genitals or pooping? It's hard to say. You've got to put your ear to the ground, get the word on the street. If the word on the street is genitals, well, then... there you go.

In the end, the important question isn't where our ideas come from; it's where they're going. And that's usually the bottom of Abe's stew pot, where they simmer to perfection alongside a blend of secret herbs and encrypted spices. Mmm, them's good ideas.