college humor

In case you're looking for some solid comedy to jazz up a lagging party, brighten an otherwise miserable existence, or just wile away a rainy afternoon, we've taken the liberty of watching a shitload of TV and synthesizing the finest in programming through a precise method known as "our opinions." In other words, here's some funny stuff that we think you may like and, more importantly for our indie cred, may not have heard of yet:

Peep Show - The worst friends ever live in the same flat. They so happen to be the kings of awkward comedy.
That Mitchell and Webb Look - The same guys have a sketch show that is better than we are.
Spaced - The people who brought you Shaun of the Dead in their first original series.
Stella - Ditto, but from the guys who brought you Wet Hot American Summer.
Mr. Show - Probably the best iteration of the "fluid sketch comedy" idea. Try it; you'll like it.
Home Movies - Adult Swim's forgotten gem.
Clerks: The Animated Series - There's only six episodes, but they're all better than Clerks II.
Superjail! - Drugs, violence, cartoons and other great things as well. Tex Avery reborn.
The Venture Bros. - The best designers in the business. All dressed up as Johnny Quest, golly!

Once you've watched all those, get back to us and we'll move on to books, comics, movies and video games. Maybe one day we can be the SAME PERSON!