college humor

Guess what? We still have a blog! And though we may no longer provide oddly-shaped thumbnails or nonsensical excerpts at the bottom of the front page, you can still keep up with all of the latest Muskets! happenings by clicking the blue blog button at the top of this very website.

The blog is our private space. A safe place where we're free to wax philosophical about our interests, aspirations, victories and defeats, religious yearnings and all that makes us human. Although we don't actually use it for any of that. Mainly we plug stuff.

So to stay on top of TAM!-related video releases, upcoming projects, plays, festivals, contests, and the many things we'll be plugging, be sure to check out the official Muskets! Blog. Otherwise, you risk NOT KNOWING when our tortilla chip ad comes in third in a tortilla chip ad competition.

Truly, it's the highest purpose to which a free, unlimited publishing and distribution platform can be put. In years to come, schoolchildren will read on their kindles about how the world was changed by our sudden ability to say anything we want to anyone at any time. Well, inner-city schoolchildren. The rich kids will still get actual books.

The Those Aren't Muskets! Blog: The commenting system may be unwieldy and the grammar shaky, but dammit, it's our home.