college humor

We know how it is: you've watched our videos so much that your eyes are physically rejecting them, and now you need to come down. Well, frankly we don't approve of your browsing non Muskets!-related sites, but we understand the human urge to experiment. Hell, we ourselves once smoked a marijuana cigarette after band practice. Well, almost.

So go, spread your wings, be free. But do yourself a favor, and check out some of these Muskets!-approved troupes. They're guaranteed to tickle even the stubbornest of fancies. And what's more, all of their members have been pre-screened by us as stand-up cats.

POYKPAC: A Brooklyn-based comedy pentagram so witty and raw, you'd swear Oscar Wilde was beating you with a broom handle.
Good Neighbor: Like true good neighbors, they will fill you with warmth and joy, and are usually willing to pick up your mail and watch your cats if you go out of town.
Tremendosaur: Two young men trying to make it big in Hollywood by filming funny Internet videos? I wonder where they got that idea. Probably from their stupid faces.

Sorry, that last one kind of got away from me. We fully endorse Tremendosaur, and Jacob and Justin actually seem like great guys. For idiots.