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It's the question every sketch troupe gets asked most frequently, and one they seldom answer. Well, let it never be said the Muskets! are afraid of the truth. And guys, the truth is, a time paradox caused our new sketch to get uploaded to Youtube... in the year 2026!

We swear that this is the reason there's no new sketch. It is NOT because we got drunk and played Apples to Apples: Bible Edition all night. I don't care what Matt told you; it's all filthy lies.

As we scramble to try and navigate these labrynthine timeholes and recover our lost sketch, please enjoy the rest of our sketches, presented for you here without commercial interruption in glorious HD. Enjoy them now, before the Media Wars of 2019 replace HD with HHHD and you've got to get your codecs licensed by the Council of Eight.

It's a shame too. It was easily the funniest sketch we've ever made, and now no one gets to watch it except our past selves and those who survived the 2012 disaster. Not the Mayan apocalypse; the Roland Emmerich movie.