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Some of you might be wondering about the differences between sketches and so-called "Doodles" on the site. It may come as a surprise to you that not everything we run through a camera comes out the other end as a ribbon of solid gold. In reality, that only happens about eighty percent of the time.

Doodles, then, are our way of sharing the little side projects, the outcasts, experiments and misfits who might not have a place at the adults' table. Don't pity them, for they have their own unique charm and musk. They represent the subtle nuances of our e-personality. The tiny facial tics and night sweats that make us who we are.

So if you've exhausted our sketch library and still want more, head on down Doodle-way. You may just discover your favorite Muskets! sketch isn't a sketch at all, but an inoffensive advertisement for Oreo cookies.

Okay, maybe not that one; we kind of sold out on that one. Still though. Doodles!